What is a Rezenerate Facial?

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When I first heard of the Rezenerate Facial, I was very skeptical. Touted as the "Best Facial Ever" as verified nano technology, I initially thought this must be all hype and no real results. If you have been on my table or had a discussion with me, you know me as someone who passionately researches for science based results driven skin tech. I had my doubts about Rezenerate for sure. When I research modalities for skin rejuvenation I usually seek scientific white papers that show marked and measurable improvements from its use. Needless to say the data from Rezenerate relies on customer testimonials and pictures. After asking many Estheticians around the globe I decided to give it a try....... 

Well...making myself my first subject with the Rezenerate I was incredibly impressed. My skin was smoother and plumped, the fine lines had disappeared. My skin looked more taut and luminous. SOLD!!!! Rezenerate improves product infusion and penetration impacting and increasing the end result of a facial.  

The most exciting piece about Rezenerate, is the fact that it is product neutral. In other words depending on your skins needs we can improve your results no matter the condition by infusing the appropriate serum. 

Come in and see for yourself the difference Rezenerate can do for you. Its part of the Omni Technology Facial as well as the Omni Microderm Facial. It can  also be added on to the Omni Derma-planing facial.


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