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The Power of PRP

Imagine if you will, a powerful serum that can be placed in and on the skin that will rejuvenate, turn back the years, and bring a more radiant glow. Imagine that its healing capacity comes from most natural substance ever and a perfect biological match. Platelet Rich Plasma or best known as PRP. Your blood contains cells called platelets. These specified blood cells play several roles in the body, one being to promote clotting to prevent excessive bleeding when one is injured. Another is the concentration of proteins to aid in healing. This being known, it is theorized that this concentration can speed up a recovery process by placing PRP in areas of needed repair.

At Omni Esthetics we employ PRP to our micro-needle treatment, which stimulates the wound healing cascade through micro-injury. By delivering  the concentration of PRP to a stimulated wound response in the skin, not only mobilizes the healing capacity of the area itself but the PRP provides an increase intensity of healing factors as well. Visible results can be seen within 4 weeks with complete results in 6 months. PRP can also be done in a series to increase benefits. 

Another application of PRP is hair restoration. Men and women whom are experiencing hair loss but not total baldness can stimulate and awaken dormant follicles to begin growing hair. Showing promising results, patients are experiencing as much as 30% regrowth and some see results after one treatment. 

So if you are wondering if PRP is right for you, we offer free consultation to decide if you can benefit from treatment. You can also take advantage of our summer promotion. Book a PRP treatment and receive a free 30 day Skinade collagen drink valued at $150, available for a limited time.

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Where have all the blog posts gone?

For those that read my blog, you might be wondering where my past blog posts have gone. You may have noticed that I launched a new website and with that, out went the blog. So out with the old and in with the new!

I am very excited to announce new things coming to Omni Esthetics! First off... the long awaited much talked about PRP therapy. Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for skin rejuvenation will start this month. More information about this treatment coming soon. I am also bringing in new equipment modalities which can be added on to a facial or done in a treatment series. One is an LED light. Originally NASA technology created for possible ways of medical healing in space. LED light has been shown to boost collagen by 500% as well as reduction in P-acne bacteria and assisting clearing the skin of lesions. The other is Nano-needling. Most of you know my passion for Micro-needling for reversing the skin to a more youthful state. Nano-needling is similar yet different type of treatment that painlessly causes serum to penetrate deeper in to the skin making a great facial treatment even more effective!

Thats all for now. But I promise to share more in the near future