Medical Micro-needling .......what's the difference?

Micro-needling has been around for a while, but has recently seen a resurgence as a treatment option in medical spas for it’s great results, minimal down time and a fraction of the cost when compared to laser. (You can read an earlier blog post comparing micro-needling results vs laser results, as well as being a safer alternative.)

So, in the land of esthetic treatments there are different types of micro-needling. At a facial level there are 2 types, nano-needling and cosmetic needling. Both are effective at boosting skin radiance, stimulating collagen as well as product penetration into the epidermis. The penetration depth is .25mm and does not cause bleeding. I am a fan of these particularly as an adjunct to a facial to get premium results. Cosmetic needling can also be added to home care regimen which I myself use weekly.

Getting into medical needling is in and of itself a whole different treatment. First off it is important to note that clinics that do not have a medical director are not allowed in their scope of practice to offer such a service. Medical needling takes us into the dermal layer of skin, a depth of .5mm to 2mm, to evoke a wound response and a healing cascade causing rejuvenation of skin tissue. By mechanically stimulating the skin in such a manner we see improvements in wrinkles, elasticity, hyper-pigmentation, luminosity, density, scarring and healthy vascularity. Best results are achieved when done in a series and maximum results achieved with proper home care. It also wise as a patient to know that your clinic is using an FDA cleared device. There are many devices on the market and all are not created equal. And while there are a few good ones there is only one micro-needle device on the market that currently has a class 2 medical clearance. This classification ensures safety, efficacy, and patient comfort during treatment.

Another level of medical micro-needling is a device that adds radio frequency. This adjunct delivers energy induced healing deep into the skin. This type of treatment stimulates the skin both mechanically and energetically. Results are usually achieved in 3 or more treatments.

So is medical micro-needling right for you? Most likely yes, if you are seeking a skin rejuvenating treatment with minimal down time and phenomenal results.

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