New Services Coming Soon!

Here at Omni Esthetics, we are excited to announce new services that soon will be available. In an ever going drive to offer the best skin care, health, wellness and longevity, we are employing the latest technologies along with supporting the skins extraordinary capacity to heal itself.

L.L.L.T. Low Level (Laser) Light Therapy. Also known as LED, Phototherapy or Photobiomodulation, refers to the use of light for altering biological activity of certain targets of interest. Originally developed by NASA to promote wound healing, LED works within  a specific range of wavelengths to effectively cause beneficial cellular reactions. Some benefits include increased ATP production (cellular energy) through stimulation of the Mitochondria, tissue repair, wound healing, and prevention of cell death. In short.... anti-aging (increases collagen and elastin production) reduction of acne lesions, hair loss, and even fat reduction & cellulite treatment. 

If you want to geek out on the scientific studies here is the link.

P.R.P Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. The often spoken about and long awaited PRP. DR Peizer and I are so excited to offer this skin rejuvenation therapy. By using your own blood plasma, we are able to isolated parts of the blood that are concentrated in growth factors and fibroblasts to then reapply this to specific areas. In esthetics we are focused on the skin by stimulating collagen induction and elastogenisis, thus dialing the skin back in years. Other possible treatments from this modality include hair restoration and joint pain reduction. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible. And there will be much more to come. Both LED and PRP are now available coming the month of February. Please feel free to call and ask us questions about how these treatments can benefit you.